FAQ - Często zadawane pytania

There are some easy tips, which will help your pet deal better with the travel. Putting small rug or another piece of your pet’s bedding inside the cage will make it more friendlier and safe place. Handling operations and the flight are connected with some noise, so it is better to accommodate your pet with different conditions and other people presence. In case of old or timid animals it is very helpful to place transport cage at your home several days before the flight. It is the best method to get your pet accustomed to it and show them, that being inside is not something dangerous.
There are special compartments placed at the back of cargo decks in airplanes operating from Warsaw. Conditions which are kept there are similar to those in a passenger cabin. Wide-body aircrafts have an extra option of setting the temperature at the level suitable for particular animal species. Animals in transport are treated with the utmost care and all the handling operations are done very carefully but as quick as possible at the same time.
Animals being under the influence of sedatives will not be accepted for the transport. Latest medical test results are showing that those are causing more problems than benefits.
It is better to let you pet travel with an empty stomach - it will help keep cleanliness inside of transport cage. We recommend to not feed your pet 4 hours before the flight.
Our office is located in Logistic Centre of Air Transport, Warsaw Cargo Terminal MDL, room no. 63. You can see the map in the “Contact” subpage. In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.