Planning and Documentation

Suitable planning of transport and a set of required documents is a safe and fast journey of the animal.

In our daily work associated with the transportation of animals, we attach the greatest importance to the detailed planning of the consignment. Every journey must include a schedule which impose veterinary rules of the country to which we will carry pet. Therefore, always together with the owner we determine what are the documentation requirements, what tests and treatments do and when to do it, so that both export and import procedures proceed smoothly. Past experience shows that this practice reduces the transport time to a minimum, and thus reduce the level of stress that accompanies the animal to the lowest possible level. At the same time, we try to find a connection that if necessary the transfer, the waiting time for the next flight was as short as possible. After agreeing on the date of departure, booking space in the aircraft it is made immediately, he was so good margin of time to obtain all necessary consents and confirmations. This allows us to also react in a timely manner on any changes that may result from shifts in timetables or, for example, unfavorable result of veterinary research.